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deTails Horsehair Jewelry

Custom jewelry made from your horse's tail


Each piece of deTails Horsehair Jewelry is crafted with the customer in mind. All of our products are hand-braided and our jewelry items finished with sterling silver. Whether choosing an item from our Stock Jewelry or creating a custom keepsake from your horse or pony’s tail, we offer a variety of styles, so your horsehair jewelry can be made just the way you want. The strength and durability of horsehair paired with the careful attention to detail and fine craftsmanship will make this a wonderful addition to your jewelry collection and a perfect way by which to cherish your equine friend. 

The Attention is in the deTails


How It All Started

Horses have always been a central part of my life. That love was passed on to our daughter, and when we suddenly lost her first pony, Puddle, I wanted to make her something special by which to remember him. That is when I made my first horsehair bracelet. Requests then came from friends to make a keepsake for them from their horse's tail. I love the idea of creating something to help us remember the connection we have with our horses.

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