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~ I have always wanted to have horse hair bracelets made for a few of my very special horses who were like family to my husband and me. My bracelet is beautiful and it is part of my everyday apparel. And for my husband, she created the most beautiful keychain to remember his beloved racehorse turned foxhunter. DeTails leaves no detail undone!    ~ Paget B.

~ When you look at your wrist and remember your best friend, priceless. DeTails Horsehair Jewelry is a special way to honor the one who bravely carried you, through fields and woods, over creeks and hillsides. It is well made, affordable, and personal. Makes a great gift for any horse lover. I love my bracelet!    ~ Marcia B.

~ Thank you for the beautiful job you did on my customized key chain. Lovely, well constructed and quick turnaround time. Highly recommend! ~ Paddy C. 

~ I have two wonderful quality bracelets made from deTails Horsehair Jewelry. Anywhere I go, people comment on how gorgeous they are and love the concept of it being horsehair. They both are by far the best pieces of jewelry I wear! ~ Meg K.

~ Madison opened up a little box which was in her stocking on Christmas morning. She instantly smiled then read the inscription on the bracelet, States 2017, and knew it was Lucky's hair. She had tears in her eyes as she gave me one of the best hugs ever. Need I say how much Daddies love moments like that? It's a present that she will always have and cherish the memory of States 2017 riding Lucky.   ~ John U.

~ I can't say enough good things about this company. My horse is my best friend and to be able to carry a little piece of him with me everywhere I go is so awesome. I have a key chain with his horse hair and I literally get so many compliments on it everywhere I go. It's my good luck charm. Thanks deTails Horsehair Jewelry- you are incredible!      ~ Sophia A.

~ DeTails Horsehair Jewelry is an amazing company, and you can really tell the amount of effort put into each piece they complete. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to encompass my horse’s memory so perfectly!     ~ Eq Style Theory

~ Thank you so much for the keychain! It turned out really great and its a great rememberance of my pony!           ~ Sharon K.

~ Thank you so much for a beautiful job on the bracelets you made from Stella’s tail hair. One is mine and the other is a gift for my friend who owned Stella (I leased her for a bit) but needed to give her to another home. I will be gifting the other bracelet to her tomorrow in celebration of her birthday. Your timing was perfect. Thank you so much!          ~ Jennifer W.

~ I received my deTails key chain today! I love it! The quality of the workmanship is wonderful! Now I will have my heart horse Lakota with wherever I go! Thank you again!          ~ Tracey N.

~ I just wanted to let you know that I got the bracelet and the keychain and I absolutely LOVE them!!  You did such a nice job and I will wear it with pride and many many memories!           ~ Shayne B.

~ Two years ago, my mom’s heart horse mare, Moxie, had to be put down at the age of 27. They had such a special bond and had been through so much together. They won all over the southeast in eventing and then onto winning in jumpers. We wanted to have a piece of her to remember her so we cut a chunk of her tail out. Fast forward a couple years later and I was connected with Details Horse Jewelry. They asked for some tail cutting and I knew in that moment I had to have Moxie’s tail into a tassel for my mom. Thank you so much Kathy and Jesse for making such a memorable piece to help us remember our incredible Moxie.        ~ Kathryn Z.

~ If you want to keep a part of your horse forever, look no further than deTails Horsehair Jewelry. I have seen many horsehair bracelets but none of this quality. Compact, intricate, and with no loose ends. You will not be disappointed.

           ~ Horse Glam

~ I just want to thank you for doing such a great job with the bracelet I ordered for my friend. The time you took to send photos and get it just right was greatly appreciated. She LOVED it!             ~ Ginny C.

~ My bracelet arrived today; thank you so much!! I really love it!!   ~ Janyse M.

~ Thank you so much for the turn around on the bracelet! It is absolutely beautiful and sure to be very special for my daughter!       ~Stephanie W.

~ What a treasure..... "details" captured a part of our horses forever!  We had adopted our two Standardbreds, Gem and Rock, from the Standardbred Retirement Foundation 14 years ago and sadly Gem passed in August. For Christmas my husband gave me the square bracelet made from both of our horses' tail hair.  It is perfect in every way.  I am amazed at the detail - both horses have black tails and "details" pulled a white hair from the sample from Rock weaving it in to show on top of one of the braids!  Thank you so much; the craftmanship shows your love of horses.  I can't figure out how you made the braid square.  It is beautiful!  And the engraving on the disk is just right.  Everything about my bracelet is just right!              ~ Julie W.


~ My bracelet arrived today and I'm thrilled with it!! I sent hair from my 2 horses- some black and gray & black. The attention to detail in the craftsmanship of my bracelet is truly beautiful. The 2 colors are braided so beautifully together in a very subtle pattern. I chose the larger, silver heart charm and it looks just like the picture! I've wanted my own horsehair bracelet for years and I'm so glad I finally treated myself! I will have a little piece of my boys with me forever!         ~ Bev K. 


~ I love my horsehair earrings from deTails! They are even prettier than I could have imagined. The braiding is perfect and is accented with beautiful silver hardware. Thank you, deTails, for such a unique and very personal piece of jewelry.   ~ Betty M.

~ It was such a memorable Christmas moment when she opened the talisman. She couldn't help herself and was overwhelmed with tears! I thank you so much for being a part of that! Not a day has gone by since without her wearing at least one of the items. The connection she felt for the horse of her heart by wearing the jewelry was amazing. The bracelet looks fabulous and the earrings and necklace too. Thanks again for your part in this.                          ~ Raymond Q.

~ The ornaments which I received were first class! Just such a beautiful design. Large well preserved and excellent top notch packages. A lifetime of love to be displayed proudly year after year. I can't thank you enough.

~ deTails Jewelry did a fantastic job making a beautiful keychain for our beloved horse who recently passed. Not only were they quick to respond, but their attention to detail and quality helped us in remembering a very special horse. We will be using them again in the future!                                    ~ Kelsea W.

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